December 26th

Merry Christmas everyone.  I hope that everyone had blessed Christmas and as we approach the end of this calendar year let’s reflect on all the blessings that God has given us in our lives this past year.

This past year I made a New Years resolution to write daily Bible reflections. As with any New Year’s resolution I started out strong.  So strong in fact that I got noticed by a nationally broadcast morning radio show and on one cold February morning did my first live radio interview.  It was so good in fact, that they haven’t called me back to do another one yet.  (Or i did a really awful job.)

Later in the spring after publishing my blog for many years through Google’s Blogger site, I decided to make the move to WordPress hoping to be able to attract some new readers and bring a more modern design rather than the the 1990’s design templates from Blogger.

By the middle of the summer Daily Bible Reflections and other thoughts became (Almost) Daily Bible Reflections and other thoughts. I profoundly apologize to the two or three people that read this regularly.  In hindsight, I probably bit off more than I could chew in trying to write daily.  Moreover, I learned that if people read this, they aren’t going to comment on it.  I also realized that more people aren’t even going to bother reading it.  Their lives are too busy with other things perhaps.

Regardless, the Bible reflections aren’t going away, but will rather be scaled back to weekly reflections.  I also want to work on The Rosary Project again.  And I hope to start doing some movie reviews for the two or three people that read this.  I am sure this new year will bring exciting things to my life and to the lives of my family.

God has been so wonderful to me this past year on so many levels.  God has also given me new challenges in my life as well which I know is His way of drawing me closer to Him.

May God continue to bless you always.


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