September 14th, “I did it my way”

Every once in a while, I will ask my kids what rules they would have and enforce if they were in charge for the day.  It’s no surprise to me, or to anyone else for that matter that has done this thought experiment that my kids will certainly entertain rules and enforce rules that are not nearly as strict as the rules laid down by me and my wife.

I remember having a conversation once with someone who claimed that religion and God was all made up by man.  It’s no surprise that this argument comes up every once in a while.  People like to use it in an attempt to either change morality or justify something in their life they are doing that they know is morally objectionable.  After all, if God doesn’t exist isn’t everything permissible?

If God is an invention of mankind, why would we have created God in such a way where by His teachings would be impossible to follow?  Why would we have made God’s laws so strict?  Why would we had made the consequences so terrible?  If I was going to make up the rules, I would have made things a heck of a lot easier for me and my soul than the way God made it.  In fact, if it was up to me to have made up all of the moral laws of the universe, I would never sin.  So if God was a fabrication of man and subsequently religion, why make God so strict?

It’s not logical for us to have made up a strict moral code that no one could adhere to.  Either God is a creation of man, or man is a creation of God.

OK so God is real, but “His teachings are man-made”.  Same argument.  Same answer.

Then of course you have the people who have their own views on morality.  They more or less hold to the notion of “I reject your morality and substitute my own”.  They may say, “I don’t care if it’s against the law or goes against the Bible.  I feel I have the right to do what I want and be happy about doing it.”  There is no changing what is morally right and what is morally wrong anymore than you can change the laws of physics. If you believe you can change morality, then you’d have no problem signing over the deed to your house, and giving me your life savings to me because I demand it of you.  You may think it’s not fair, but I do.  Therefore, hand it over.  It doesn’t work that way and we all know it.  We can’t go change the rules of the game because we don’t like them.

Somewhere, somehow there has to be some source of absolute right and wrong.  We as humans are notorious for being able to talk ourselves into believing anything just to make ourselves feel good about doing something we know to not be.  Religion wasn’t created by man to impose morality on us and to spoil our fun.  No.  Religion was given to us by God as a means to draw us back to Him and to reconcile ourselves to Him.  God gives us the freedom to pick and choose what we want to do; for good and/or for bad.  True love and true mercy is wanting the best for someone.  What can be more loving than to want eternal life for someone rather than eternal punishment?  The question to ponder right now in our lives is this:  Is my happiness in this life worth an eternity of unhappiness?  Someday we all will stand before God.  Let’s not let our lust for life now, eliminate our joy forever.

When we stand before God on our judgement day we will have to give an account of our entire life.  Some of us will tell God that we had some bumps along the way, we got lost a few times but we found our way back and as a result we learned a few things and we reconciled ourselves with Him.

Others will look at God and say, “I did it my way, now let me in”.  Which one will you be?

Just one last thing:  If our kids were to treat us exactly as if we were God, what would your response be?  Why would you have rules and would you tolerate your children’s deliberate breaking of those rules and rewriting of those rules so they could justify doing what they want to do? Would those redefinitions change the reality of the rules we have placed for them?

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