Matthew 5:4 “Blessed are they who mourn, for they will be comforted.”

Matthew 5:4

“Blessed are they who mourn, for they will be comforted.”

How do we conduct ourselves when we approach someone who just lost a loved one?  There are some of us who handle themselves quite well.  They know exactly what to say and at the right time.  There are others that withdraw in fear of saying the wrong thing to a survivor.  Then there are those who are like me, who deal with survivors guilt whenever they are placed in a situation with someone who’s lost someone.

I have heard many people say that it’s not so much the support and love from their friends and family they receive at the funeral home or church that is needed, but rather the love and support a week after the funeral.  A month, a year, a decade after the loss of a loved one.  We are all guilty of this.  Funerals remind us of our own mortality.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing is it?  They can sometimes give us a kick in the backside, a little slap on the back of the head by God to remind us that our lives here isn’t forever.

The atmosphere at a funeral where someone took their own life, or died under questionable circumstances, or a person who lived an openly immoral life is often the most difficult for friends and family who despair over the salvation of their deceased loved one.  Where as the funeral of an 100 year old man who lived a long and good life is often less somber, almost joyful.  While we do not know the eternal destinations of either, we can have a little bit of an idea which way they may be heading.  One family will mourn much harder and longer than the other.

While despite what some may claim, our eternal destination is not set in stone.  We cannot have absolute certainty to where we will be heading.  If we live a life for God and obedient to God, our family’s will of course take comfort in that we stand a better chance of spending eternity in God’s presence through and by God’s infinite Mercy and Grace. And as a result we can take comfort in that.

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