December 14th

So the other night, I was reading a Winnie The Pooh book to my 4 year old daughter.  He wanted to think, and was going to his favorite thinking spot.  Pooh say down and started to say, “Think, think, think”.  Hold on to that thought for a minute.  Wednesday night we were sitting around the table having supper.  One of the things I like to do is to pose a deep question for my kids to think about it.  Most times I will just sit back and watch them debate something or explain their views.  Even the 4 year old gets in on it once in a while. “Think, think, think,”.  But do we really stop and think?

We seem to have become a mindless society that latches on to the first thing that sounds good without stopping to think about the consequences of that point of view.  In short, we have become intellectually lazy.  We don’t stop and think.  We are so over stimulated and over-entertained that we do not stop and ponder a subject.  We sit in the waiting room at the doctor and what do we do?  We pull out our phone and read the Bible app we have on it and think about it right?  Maybe.  But I would guess that most of us are scrolling through the their Facebook feed for the 14th time looking at everything they looked at 13 times before. I don’t know, everyone is different.

Have we become so lazy that we don’t stop and think anymore?  Think about the why’s of the universe. Have we become so lazy that we let our Facebook newsfeed think for us?  Do we see something that we want to agree with on their and say to ourselves, “Oh that looks plausible and I like the thought of that, I am going to share it.”

We should take a subject that interests us, that we have convictions on, and ask, why?  Why do I have a strong conviction on this subject?  Why is it important that I believe that it is true?  Why do I believe that this is important anyway.  What if it’s not true?  What would be wrong if it turned out to be a harmful view?  There are many many questions we can be and should be asking about everything.  No one thinks for themselves anymore.

It’s very easy for us to be indoctrinated into beliefs when we are young.  But as we grow older we do owe it to ourselves to either ratify those beliefs through discovery or through discovery discover new beliefs.  We should never stop doing that either.  For example we see people who identify as a Democrat or Republican blindly follow “their candidate” no matter what he or she says and does.  They can do no wrong.  Everything they say is true.  Why?  Why do you believe they cannot do no wrong?  Why do you believe that they are 100% truthful?  Take away what party they are from what does that make them?   If you say your a Republican and Satan himself comes to town and says he’s a republican are you going to sell your soul to him because of your blind loyalty or are you going to look into the person?  Same goes for the other side.  When did you stop and think?  Or are you just lazy.

It would appear that we can’t sit in one spot anymore without being entertained.  We can’t go and just sit on our thinking log like Pooh Bear and think about what makes the world go around etc.

Just one more thing:  Don’t live in fear.  Don’t live in fear that if you stop and think, your thinking may take you places that you didn’t think you’d ever go to.  Don’t live in fear of having a dissenting view from someone else.  Think about it.

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