February 11th. Why I do this.

Ok so I am doing today something I rarely do, I am recycling a post I wrote a few years ago.


If you are a Facebook friend of mine or follow me on Twitter you will notice a couple of things.
1, I love my family!

2. You will see all sorts of shares, posts, sermons, pictures, deep-thoughts, Bible verses etc that are religious in nature. I am sure there are some of you who didn’t know what you were getting yourself into by clicking that friend request button on Facebook. For those who I sent the friend request to I will take this time to apologize to you.

Anyhow, why? Why do I do this. I have been asked on occasion, and I know there are a few who would like to know but don’t want to offend me. (Believe me you won’t offend me if you voice your disagreement with me.) The answer is because as a Christian, I and all other Christians are charged with taking the Gospel of Jesus into the world and proclaim it. It is our responsibility as Christians to share the Gospel of Jesus to any who will listen, and even to those who don’t.

The Great Commission is not the great suggestion.

Years ago in our daily debates on religion, my wife would attack my Catholic beliefs. I had never ran into this before. Her persistent challenges and attacks began to sow seeds of  doubt in these beliefs and I began to have a crisis of faith.

I had two choices, sit there and take it, or learn for myself what was true and what wasn’t.  It was through these challenges that I began to study, and read about the Catholic Church. I began to study and read about Christianity, about history and read philosophy.  I discovered the ‘Church Fathers’-the students of the Apostles and earliest Christians .  I began to understand the big bad world out there really didn’t like Christians who stood up for authentic Christianity and what Jesus REALLY taught, particularly Catholics .  I began to see that the big bad world loved cafeteria Christians, the kind that picked and chose what they wanted to believe, and the ones who didn’t say or do anything at all.

Jesus wasn’t one to do this, after all it was when he saw the abuses of the pharisee’s and the money changers in the temple he got angry and corrected them.  When sinners came to him he told them to go and sin no more. When people spoke lies he corrected them.  When I see something that’s not true, I have an obligation to correct that lie or misconception. Society would want you to believe something it thinks the Church teaches, not what it really teaches. Many anti-Catholic preachers, would rather spread their version of Catholicism rather than the objective truth of it. For good or for bad, there is an agenda. But if you really want to know what Catholicism is, read a good Catholic book, talk to a Catholic who really knows their faith. Have an open mind. You might be surprised at what you learn.  People would rather believe a convenient lie than an inconvenient truth.

As Christians, it’s up to all of us to share what Jesus taught, even if it’s unpopular with the rest of the world or even to you. This does not mean I am being judgmental (an often overused and misunderstood term) of you as a person. A Christian is called to lead fellow sinners away from sin and towards Jesus Christ. I won’t be giving up on this anytime soon. If you have issue with what I post feel free to do what others have and and click that unfriend button or block me. But before you do ask yourself, why? I am always open to friendly debate and conversation on a topic, either by a comments box, email, text etc. I don’t bash (I try very hard not to) nor do I make personal attacks.

Lastly, do not be fooled or think that I am better than you. I am most certainly not. I am a sinner like every one of you. I have said and done many foolish and terrible things in my life. I am sorry for those. I have learned from those. I have been forgiven of those. And, I will mostly likely do them again from time to time. This does not make me a hypocrite, (another often overused and misunderstood term) this makes me just like all other Christians, a sinner who needs Jesus Christ in their life.

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