About The Author

Should I write this in the third-person? You bet, it makes me sound much more important.

Jason Klinnert is the father of four amazing and unique kids (plus one daughter-in-law).  The grandfather of three adorable granddaughters.  And one unbelievably marvelous wife who is the only woman in the world who could ever put up with him.  When not writing, Jason enjoys barbecuing, exploring old ghost towns, geocaching, storm chasing, and of course time with the family.  Jason also enjoys embarrassing his kids, but not his grandkids because he likes his grandkids better.

When Jason grows up, (eventually, according to his wife) he would like to be an astronaut, but since he has age and physical fitness going against him he’ll settle for sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ to people and being an instrument of God here on Earth.  Jason is always available for debate, questions, TV and Radio interviews.  Although he’s never been approached for a debate other than in the comments box by some not so nice people, he was interviewed on a nationally syndicated morning radio show once.  He did so badly, they never asked him back.

Follow him on Twitter @jason_klinnert, email him jasonklinnert@outlook.com or through the contact page here.