This blog started a few years back as an apologetics based blog on another website.  Since then it has evolved into something that I have found more spiritually edifying and that is reflections from the Bible.   I have made every effort to put out daily reflections however as a husband, father, and grandfather, sometimes writing gets put on hold for the the right reasons.

I am a practicing Catholic.  I fell away from the Catholic Church over the course of 16 years and returned in 2009 when my anti-Catholic Bible believing Baptist wife entered into the Catholic Church bringing me back with her.  Writing these reflections really is for my own spiritual gain.  It helps me in my spiritual life and I felt that if one person could benefit from this as much as I have, then it was worth sharing.  Along the way it has landed me on a nationally syndicated radio morning show and have also become a contributor to Catholic365.com.  If you take the time to ask me a question by email I will certainly take the time to answer you back.  I can be reached through the contact box.

May God Bless You